Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Bed Head Shampoo and conditioner Elasticate Tigi.

"Elasticate Tigi Shampoo and Conditioner by Tigi Bed Head Elasticate to load your hair a maximum of elasticity. Reforce the hair and adds texture. Hair is beautiful, repaired, shiny, strong and malleable."

So honestly, never in my life I was told that my hair missing (or not) of elasticity. Genre skin yes. But the hair ... No? Finally, this is not really the name I use. I speak more flexibility, or else do not have brittle hair. For me, hair elastic, it makes me think of Malabar. And not beautiful and silky hair. Really. It reminds me of everything except a mane dream. But so be it. The name is a misnomer ... We begin to get used to. Because in truth, shampoo and condition are pretty good ... And most importantly, they feel very, very good.

The foam shampoo well. No need to have a heavy hand, I have long hair and a mini-palm is enough to make me whole mane. Foam and it very well! As for the conditioner, it leaves hair super soft. And it smells like apple!

So I do not know if I have more elastic hair, but in any case, what is certain is that they are less brittle. This may be just the translator in Tigi who farted a lead in fact ... 

The plus for me, comes from packaging. You press the bottom and hop it releases the opening where the shampoo out. And it did not look like much, but it's still good practice in the shower. We do not turn around and can be handled with one hand. And that, in the shower, it makes all the difference.